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Church of St Mary, Knowsley Village, near Liverpool, UK

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To be an "OPEN DOOR" Church

To share GODS LOVE for the world & be a Community growing in the Love of JESUS CHRIST"



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Vicar Hugh Lea-Wilson

Tel 0151 546 4266


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This photo was taken on Sunday 13th January 

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Please join us in supporting and praying for the Big Help Project (which includes Knowsley Foodbank) as they put a bid in to the council this Friday to take over the Village Hall. It mustn’t fall into private hands. Their twin aim is to use it as an admin base for all their charity work across the borough, but critically to maintain it as a community building. This would retain the hall for special events, parties, concerts etc, maybe The Everyman in Knowsley, maybe with a decent cafe as well. Thank you and will keep posting as we know more